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In the world of Domotica systems Sight and Sound is offering one of the most exquisite solutions for house and office automation. In collaboration with Sight and Sound Vi created a top notch premium user experience for all devices that perfectly aligns with their stakeholders and partners including Sonos, Bowers & Wilkins, Basalte and Jung.


Sight & Sound


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  • Jagoda Kondratiuk
  • Vidar Daniels

Design Process

After deep diving into the challenges of the client and closely monitoring the target audience behaviour Vi. created and produced a conceptual experience exceeding anything else available on the market today. As with so many bright solutions, this all started by simply sketching scenarios and functionalities on a good old piece of paper.

Sight & Sound

Information architecture

Based on the functional outlines provided, Vi started crafting the visual experience of the platform’s interfaces. Taking into account needs, and goals, ease and simplicity of use, clarity and beauty of execution, flexibility and scalability of the design across multiple devices.

When crafting the look and feel of the platform, we take into account all possible ways to optimize the overall user experience.

Color and fonts

All of the design elements adhere to a silky smooth experience, guiding the user towards uncomplicated control. The shades of gold convey a sense of sophistication and elegance whereas the dark blue tones provide a comforting background during night mode.

Sight & Sound

An interface so smooth and comfortable you don’t even realise it’s there.

Two modes

The application’s main purpose is to give the user complete control over his or her surroundings with a single tap. As the light and climate around you change, so can our design by transforming to night mode. This allows your eyes, that probably have been staring at screens for  long enough already, to feel more relaxed during night hours. As an additional bonus it can also save you some well needed battery power.

Sight & Sound


The application is fully suited up with a library of custom made icons ensuring a unique style and a strong visual brand identity. A coherent look and feel well worth the effort.

Sight & Sound
Sight & Sound
Sight & Sound
Sight & Sound

Sight and Sound makes sure your habitat and workspace match the exact conditions you had in mind for them. So we did our part in making it responsive for the device of your choice.


Being able to remotely adjust all elements of your home should look great regardless of which device you are using. Therefore the app has been meticulously designed and tested to responsively decorate any other phone or tablet it is called upon.

Turning a house into a perfect (controllable) home requires a plan. So to be sure, Sight and Sound has got two lined up for you.

Customized plan

The application is set up to include a default plan and a premium customized plan. The default plan allows the user to have an overview of the general settings within the room whereas the customized plan provides control of all individual smart home devices and desired actions.


Sight & Sound


Sight & Sound

Simple and smooth. Designed to follow your lead.

Sight & Sound
Sight & Sound
Sight & Sound

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