Meshed creates faster, easier networking opportunities

Networking is now more important than ever.

However, the threshold to simply approach someone is often still too high. Let alone find the most relevant connections during a networking event.

This is where Meshed comes in as a network tool even for the most confident and experienced networker.




  • Concept
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Development
  • Maintenance


  • Vidar Daniels
  • Jagoda Kondratiuk

What is Meshed?

Meshed is a mobile application that turns every moment of the day into a networking opportunity. The app connects people hyper locally, for example at network events or co-working spaces.

Meshed is like a digital layer on top of the physical environment, which gives a first impression of the people in your immediate environment (it is kind of like real-life Linkedin). As a result, people come into contact with each other faster and easier, which creates networking opportunities.

Imagine working at a co-working space with dozens of other co-workers. Then it may just be that those same people can help you as a freelancer with your new project.


Meshed helps you to find the right connections efficiently and effectively, without having to step out of your comfort zone.

How does it work?

  1. See at a glance which people are at the same location and what their interests and expertises are
  2. Get introduced by the app to the most relevant visitors at the location based on Artificial Intelligence
  3. Connect via the built-in chat function to complement each other with work-related issues and to expand your network

Meshed works with four simple principles

  1. Create an account with LinkedIn or E-mail
  2. Get checked in automatically, based on geo-location
  3. Connect and talk to relevant professionals
  4. Share your digital business card and build your network




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