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Loyalty meets Tinder

Pinvite is a location-based meet-up app empowering you to invite people to the hottest places in town. With the Pinvite vouchers, the second person gets a free consumption. The founders of Pinvite created an MVP in collaboration with the award-winning mobile app company XS2.

Problem space

The app included all elements and ingredients to realize a potentially successful rollout. However, during the soft launch phase, the app has been perceived as too complicated by its test audience.


Vi. consulted in a market readiness workshop. Bringing the app back to the essence, making it more efficient and effective.

Usability testing

A dozen of test persons were screened while using the app. During these sessions, their user behavior has been analyzed carefully. All collected insights were converted into a more user-centered and clear design.
Result: An app, ready for market launch.

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