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For over 19 years, Marcommit has been promoting the name recognition, the reputation and above all the success of their clients. Whether you’re looking to build a brand, claim opinion leadership, introduce a product or service, create content to support campaigns, attract new talent, generate leads, or appeal to a new target group, Marcommit is up to the task.


The current website and online proposition of Marcommit are no longer in line with what the company stands for. Therefore, Marcommit has asked  Vi. to create a new website with a strong customer journey and digital proposition. Marcommit wants to inspire and convert its target groups.

User experience

An ‘out of the box’ concept was devised to create this website. The success of it is a result of presenting a large amount of information beautifully without it being intimidating, which results in a good user experience, which results in an A-class user experience.



Custom animation

As part of the overall user experience, Vi.Amsterdam designed animations that clearly show the service areas of Marcommit. The figures perfectly fit their visual identity.

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