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BaaS is the online marketing intelligence platform of the Greenhouse group, an umbrella organisation for four successful and innovative digital marketing companies: Blue Mango Interactive, Fresh Fruit Digital (online marketing agencies), We Are Blossom (social media), and Source Republic (SEO and content marketing).


On a daily base the BaaS platform plays a key role in helping Data Technologists and Data Scientists to transform data into bite-sized insights for the Greenhouse Group and its clients and stakeholders.


As part of the revamp of BaaS, Vi. was asked to create an improved and user-centered experience for this platform, meeting the following objectives:

  • Create a generic workflow for all users and stakeholders
  • Design a strong foundation for future functionalities
  • Make Excel a tool of the past


In order to create services with interfaces that would appeal to a broad diversity of users using a variety of workflows, Vi. defined the term “desirability” as a universal concept to enhance adoption and viability. Desirability consist of three main values:

UTILITY — What the service offers the user, at a functional level
USABILITY — How easy is it to interact with a service
PLEASURABILITY — How pleasurable the interaction is at an emotional level

How to design for different business objectives?

To build tools for such diverse workflows, our process begins with knowing who we are designing for by:

  1. Using qualitative insights from user research in which we interview employees and stakeholders, mapping out their experiences and requirements. Also we used a method that researchers call ‘contextual inquiry’ where we go to people and observe them in the environments that they use the service.
  2. By using quantitative data to identify patterns in the usage of existing solutions and potential opportunities for us to improve them.


In close collaboration with the highly skilled Development team of Greenhouse Group we layered the foundation for a faster, more user centric service. As a result the data became more complete and more relevant, resulting in a more pleasurable experience for the Data Technologist and Data Scientist of Green House Group.

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